Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bento Honeydew Bunnies Tutorial

Here is how I make the Honeydew Bunnies. The method I used is almost the same as the apple bunnies I make every now and then. Read on!
Bento Honeydew Bunnies and Nectarine

Scary big picture of Honeydew Bunny
Bento Honeydew Bunny Tutorial

This is how I make the honeydew bunnies. Do be careful not too cut yourself. First, I slice 1 whole honeydew into 6 wedges. Next I used a sharp paring knife and made a skinny V shape on the skin (see pink part). Next slice it just under the skin, just along the purple dotted line and discard the blue shaded portion. Finally cut it to size so that it fits the bento box and insert a honeydew seed for the eye.

I also use this method to make apple bunnies in my older bentos like here. The only difference is in handling the fruit. Because the honeydew I used here was quite ripe and soft, I try my best to just use my hands only as support while cutting the V and slicing the skin off (and avoid squishing it midway like a toothpaste). I think that having an extremely sharp skinny knife helps as well.

This is my tutorial on how I make the Honeydew Bunnies! Hope you like it!


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