Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daiso Bento accessories - Sandwich Cutter Transport

I had managed to lay my hands on this and was absolutely happy about it. This is a sandwich cutter that I bought from Daiso in Dubai. I think Daiso is fantastic! They have the most wonderful bento accessories ever! and at a really good price as well! This cost 6 AED, which is about 1,15 euros. Needless to say, I bought this sandwich cutter together with a whole bunch of other bento related stuffs.

This sandwich cutter works with most pre-sliced square breads that are available in most supermarkets. (I usually get the Casino Wit ones from Albert Heijn) and the best part is there is absolutely minimal wastage since the shapes are designed in fit within the square form. The downside is that it does require some care when cleaning though. A sharp toothpick usually does the trick for those hard to reach corners.

Click on the tag bento accessories to read more about what other bento tools I keep in my stash.

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Bento accesories: Sandwich Cutter - Transportation


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