Friday, August 26, 2011

Glass Stove Exploded, Saved by Bagettes

In case some of you might be thinking why I've been kind of haphazard with my posts lately, that's because MY GLASS STOVE EXPLODED! It was such a shock for me. I was just cooking my usual dinner (only 1 saucepan, nothing heavy inside) and as I bend down to put the bagettes into the oven below, Bam! went the stove. The next thing I saw was shattered glass all over the kitchen and living room and this huge hole on the stove top.

Glass stove explodes leaving huge gaping hole

Luckily I wasn't hurt (just because I bended over at that same moment to open the oven below the stove). What if I didn't bend over for those bagettes?! Mr Bear was there as well and I suspected he got frightened a little too, just that maybe his male ego doesn't allow him to show it. LOL! I must say that I'm pretty impressed by him. After making sure I'm OK, he just calmly tip-toed to get his phone and snap pictures of the damage. "This is for the guy we bought the stove from *snap* and this is for the insurance people *snap* and this is for the imaginary just-in-case-we-need-his-help-guy *snap*," said Mr Bear.

Needless to say, none of us dared to touch the dinner after that. Guess we just have to seriously make do with microwave meals till the kitchen people comes by. I still can't believe how the glass stove can randomly explode just like that. And I used to think that this sort of stuff can only be found in old school children's cartoons! If not for those two humble baguettes, I probably would be a bloody mess by now.


  1. Oh goodness... it looks really bad. Glad you're alright. Exploding glass is dangerous. Are you going to replace this with another glass stove? If it were us there'd be no glass stove - the mummy in me thinks glass is a huge no no when there are lots of reckless monkeys around :D

  2. Hey Rachel! Hm Im not sure yet, because we are still waiting for the kitchen guy to drop by. Yeah tt glass thing, we only thought about the ease of cleaning at that time *Lazy* Ha, now that this happened, I think maybe we should have gone induction instead. tsk.


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