Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bento Singapore Chicken Curry Amsterdam - Cook a Pot of Curry Day

As a finale for the now famous facebook event Cook a Pot of Curry Day in Singapore (you can read more here), I made a bento with the rest of the chicken curry I cooked on Sunday 21 August. As with many types of curry around the South East Asia regions, this dish taste even better on the second day. Here is my take on a very Asian dish in a very Amsterdam setting. The roof, big open windows and not forgetting the typical Amsterdammetjes were made from nori seaweed.

Amsterdammetjes (Literal translation: little one from Amsterdam) in real life are little red-brown poles that can be found along sidewalks of Amsterdam. All of them bear the sign XXX, which is the coat of arms of Amsterdam. Interestingly, there is never a really straight Amsterdammetje, they are always slanting someway or another, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes with a dent here and there, which I like, because I think each of them tells a story.

The same goes for the buildings, especially the older buildings along the canals. I think this has got to do with the soft soil foundation under the buildings. My apartment is also severely slanted. But I really don't mind it nowadays (after taking out the wheels from the computer chair, that is. hahahaha!)

Singapore Chicken Curry Bento from Amsterdam

Cook a Pot of Curry from Singapore to Amsterdam

So this is my take on the Cook a Pot of Curry event which was created to promote harmony, respect and tolerance for each other's culture. Oh yes, and in case you are wondering where's the chicken in this Chicken Curry Bento.... there is only 1 little piece left tucked under all the potatoes and the rest of the chicken was already eaten up because I couldn't resist it :D


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