Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bento Mushroom with Jus and Cod Roe Sprinkles

This is a bento with some quick and easy left overs from the dinner the night before. I sliced some mushroom and gave them a quick stir fry with the meat sauce from the previous night. Then I pack in the rice and sprinkle some Tarako Furikake, which is a Japanese Sprinkle made from Cod Roe. I had used a plastic strip cut from a soda bottle as a sort of stencil for the Japanese Sprinkle. My only mistake was that I pushed the strip too far into the rice and it looked a little messier than what I had in mind. If you are trying this out with the round strip from the soda bottle, try to make sure that you have about 2cm of it sticking out above the rice. Try to pour the sprinkle from as close to the surface of the rice as possible, it helps!

Bento with Mushroom and Tarako Furikake


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