Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tutorial Bento Miffy Sandwich Free Pattern download

Due to popular request on how I made the Miffy sandwich bento (or some say Nijntje Boterham), I have decided to post a step-by-step tutorial here.

First I drew out the shape of Miffy / Nijntje on a piece of paper and then I cut it around the edges with a pair of scissors. Next I place it on a slice of goat cheese as shown in the picture below.
Tutorial Bento Miffy Sandwich

Using a sharp knife (or a toothpick), I go around the outside edge of the Miffy cutout just like the picture below. It looks a little weird at this stage, but don't worry. It's just the outline.
Miffy twins ?

I went back to the paper cutout and I cut away the pieces just like so:

Next I sliced a piece of carrot and fitted Miffy's clothes on it. Now I use my sharp knife to cut out the shape of Miffy's orange dress.

Here is how my Miffy Sandwich / Nijntje Boterham Bento looks like:

Since I ran out of seaweed, I have used black Supercook Writing Icing (which I managed to find in a bakery supplies store) for Miffy's eyes and mouth. Because it is used only in a small quantity, it doesn't taste obviously sweet.

I have drawn up a copy of the Miffy character I made for this bento here so that you can make this Miffy Sandwich bento too. Simply print this out on a regular A4 size paper and you can use it as a template. I hope you like this tutorial and please feel free to come back often for more goodies :)


  1. I would have never thought about doing this! I should raid my daughter's coloring book pages!

  2. That does seem easy enough. You are from the Netherlands as well? So nice to have found another person making bento in the Netherlands :)

  3. We love watching Miffy! This is an adorable lunch, she looks perfect!

  4. This is so cute! I absolutely love your tutorials!

  5. Thank you Yenny! I'm glad you like this tutorial :D

  6. Hehe, thanks for the compliment Crystal! Yes, coloring books are nice but the most time consuming thing is getting them to be in the desired size. I've done all the work for you, so you don't have to go through all the hassle. ~Hee!

  7. Hey Uniflame! Thanks for popping by! Yes its indeed so nice to see another bento artist in the Netherlands! I think maybe one of these days we should all get together and form some sort of NL bento guild! What do you think Uniflame?


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