Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Award: Heart Locket Award

Although fall is coming (or should I say, it's already here ^^,) and the sky is slightly grey, it's been a very nice day today.  I woke up later than usual, switched on my computer  like usual (don't we all do that in mornings nowadays? hehehe) and to my surprise I found that one of my blogger friends gave me a Heart Locket Award, which I think is so sweet of her. She is Tata from Bonitofood.
Thank you so much Tata for being so nice and sweet, you really make my day :D

These are some rules for the award receiver:
1. If you get this award, pass it on to other 7 blogs
2. Put in the award picture in your post
3. Don't pass the award back to the award giver
4. Answer the questions below and post them in your blog

Only 2 questions, it's good to know you better :D
1. What makes you feel great about yourself?
2. Who inspires you most? Also be more specific, which qualities inspire you, in each person? You can list as many people you like.

My answers:
1. Bento making really make me feel great about myself. I've been asked before, why bother to go through so much trouble, when the food is going to be eaten up in 3 seconds anyway. This is really a good question though. The thing about me is my gratification doesn't actually come from the bento receiver slowly savouring the food. On the contrary, it comes from me knowing that my bento has cheered someone up from a boring/busy workday and the rest are totally not important for me. haha, I guess in a twisted sense, its the fascination (that my bentos make other people happy) that makes me feel great about myself. hehe

2. Well, I guess it has to be my husband Mr Bear. Usually I don't go all mushy about us and such, but I think he really deserves a mention. I think he is the most intelligent and sensitive guy I have ever met. I used to be a die-hard feminist and never really believed much in stuff like cooking for my man. When I got to know Mr Bear, everything changed, my world changed, the way I view the world changed as well. He was the one who gave me the strength and encouragement to really do what I like without being judgemental. Thank you for being you Mr Bear.

Now let me pass this award to 7 lucky beautiful blogs:
5. hwsoh

Have a Happy Day!

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  1. Really happy to know that the award have brightened up your day friend ^^. Really sorry for the late reply. Haha, I feel very great too when I do bentoing; it just can help me to escape from my hectic world :D


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