Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adventures of Bento Cat

Welcome to my blog! With Adventures of Bento Cat, I hope to document the daily happenings of my life through pretty and delicious bentos stuffed and filled with TLC (Tender Loving Care) and more!

Years and years ago, when I was still in my mid twenties, I was living in the little sunny island of Singapore. One day one of my friends sent me this funny picture on msn:
It wasn't done by her and she has no idea who was the mysterious original maker of this bento as well. *If you are the original maker of this cute cat bento and reading this, please let me know so that I can credit your work here*

I started doing a search and found a couple of other pictures of too-cute-to-eat bento sets. Because cooked food is so readily and cheaply available in Singapore, it had never dawned to me to make anything like this Bento Cat you see here. It is perfectly normal for people to eat out everyday for lunch and dinner and sometimes supper as well! So it had never really occured to me that this picture is for real. It is so impressive that my friend and I decided that this picture is just a part of a food stylist's portfolio, and ordinary folks like me will certainly never be able to make anything like this.

Now that I'm *slightly* (ahem!) older, married to Mr Bear and going back to school as a full time student and being based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I was literally forced to grow up fast! My school schedule is/has been crazily busy and so is Mr Bear's work schedule. We have no time to eat! and comparatively, the food culture in here is erm... just like the country, really quite flat. Its rather common to see 2-metre tall grown man chomping only one banana and calling that a lunch! During the evening peak hours, you'll also see a fair share of commuters eating french fries drowned in mayonaise. Hopefully those fries aren't supposed to be a dinner.

I have been whining to my university about the school canteen selling tasteless and inedible foods, but nobody seems to care or the replies I usually get are around the lines of, "food is not as important, we have other priorities to take care about." Apparently eating here, is just seen as a means to remove the nasty hungy feeling! Call me a glutton or whatever you want, but this is it! I have to do something about providing myself and Mr Bear some kind of pleasure to look forward to during our lunchtime!

I started googling recipes for quick and easy lunch and for some strange reasons, that Bento Cat creeped up again! ha, being a totally non-logical person, I took it as a sign and since that I have never looked back!

Adventures of Bento Cat is a platform for me to document my Bento adventures. Please feel free to drop me comments and hopefully one day I can be a successful bentoist! I can be contacted at bentokato@gmail.com

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I'm Shanna and I enjoy bento making a lot. I'm also a wife, daughter,sister,a full-time student, previous fashion and product designer, nerd and super foodie all rolled into one. With Adventures of Bento Cat, I hope to document the daily happenings of my life through Bentos filled with Tender Loving Care and more! I can be contacted at bentokato@gmail.com
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