Monday, September 26, 2011

Meatfree Monday Bento babybel cheese

It's Meatfree Monday again: Today's bento consist of mini babybel cheese, brocolli, zuchinni and a yoghurt muesli bar. I had been wanting to make this series of babybel cheese for some time now. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to go to Bangladesh for a friend's wedding. The celebrations were fabulous and I met three lovely young ladies Ishra, Yushra and Tania. Even though they are not more than 11 years old, I felt as though I had learnt a lot from them. Maybe I was too engrossed in all the stress going around in the adult world, juggling so many things at the same time and all. They say the most funny and witty stuffs and we talked about so many things! From cooking, to Roald Dahl, to our likes and dislikes, to our ambitions and even alternative ambitions!

Bento Meatfree Monday Babybel girls

 That said, maybe I should go write the young ladies another email. Hope you like today's Meatfree Monday Bento: Babybel cheese with zucchini and brocolli.


  1. your zucchini is... yellow?? interesting... we only get green ones around here lol

  2. Hey Rachel! Yeah I was surprised to see it too. I see mostly the green ones in the supermarket here as well. I got this from an old-school market stall.

  3. So cute! We've been eating the same thing (minus the dairy) in this house. ^^

  4. hahaha! What a coincidence! LOL! i think i'll go buy some more yellow zucchini one of these days, cos its pretty popular in our house too! :D

  5. That was lovely Shanna, it was so sweet, the way u wrote everything about Tania, Ishra and me!

  6. Hey Yusra, you are the superstar here!! I am so happy to see you here! Oh please say hi to the other superstars Tania and Ishra too :D :D :D


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