Friday, September 16, 2011

Bento Funny Frog Face Fillet o Fish for a Friday

Today I'm in a pretty funny mood when I decided to make this bento. It's fish fillet burger with chopped apples on a bed of lettuce. Maybe I should give this bento a funny sounding name as well. Bento Funny Frog Face Fillet o Fish. hahaha, now I want to hear someone read this title out loud and fast :p

Hope you have a good laugh with this Bento Funny Frog Face Fillet o Fish and have a happy funny Friday! :)


  1. Love the name of this bento with the 'F' alliteration. The frog looks cute. You're very creative and talented.
    Just curious, what did you use for the blacks of the eyes?

  2. hehe thank you very much for your sweet comment. For the black of the eyes, I used nori seaweed. I used a seaweed puncher here. Sometimes I use a paper puncher to punch out little seaweed circles for eyes :D I'll try to churn out more tips in the future here, so keep checking ;)

  3. The frog looks cute and funny ^^. You have so many great bentoing tips here, I especially love that apple and cucumber idea (gonna copy it someday, thanks for sharing :D).

  4. Thanks for dropping by Tata! I'm glad you like the tutorials! It's always nice to see interpretations from all over the world :D Totally looking forward to that! I'll be really delighted if you can put a link to my apple n cucumber tutorial posts next time u try them out Tata. :D

  5. Sure! And I'll happily let you know 'bout that :D


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