Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bento Accessories - Nori Punchers

Nori Punchers

Hehe, once again, these are some goodies I grabbed from Daiso last summer.

I used these as nori punchers (seaweed punchers) for my bentos sometimes. Tried all of them and they worked pretty well, as long as I don't stuff like a whole stack of seaweed in them. But then again, because of the way they are designed, I doubt anybody can stuff like 20 pieces of seaweed at the same time anyway. LOL!

In fact, of all these 3 nori punchers you see here, only 1 of them is labeled as a nori-punchers. The other 2 are actually craft punchers, the type that's typically used for scrapbooking and they work just as well as the real nori puncher.

Usually I punch the nori pieces one at a time, sometimes I make 2-cm folds on the nori and punch like 2 layers of nori together. (Even though it says on the packaging that I can do like 3-4 layers at the same time.)

So.......... which one is the real mccoy? Scroll down for answer :D

Just like scissors, they will turn a little blunt after cutting thick layers or thick papers, that's why I would suggest not to stuff too much nori at one time. Also, I would suggest not to use these punchers as paper punchers AND nori punchers at the same time, because it seems a little unhygienic to me and also they probably won't cut nori just as cleanly/sharply after cutting paper.

(haha, this is again from the scissors theory, that's why I have 2 pairs of scissors - one labeled "Paper", one labeled "Fabric", bet my ex-teacher from my fashion design education must be real glad that after so many years I still remembered what she said. ahhaahaha!)

To clean: simply give a good shake for the little bits of nori to drop out. Gently wipe the surfaces and avoid touching the metal areas.

Answer: The green one with the ship


  1. Hi Shanna thanks for popping by my blog it is nice to meet you. Love your blog name, very cute!

  2. Hi Shanna! Bentobird sends greetings to Bento Cat, congrats on this cute and informative post!

  3. hello Shanna! these are very cute punchers. hope you can post your bento creation using these adorable bento tools! I'm your newest follower. :D

  4. Hi Rio, Thanks for following! Ok sure, I'll try to post some bento lunches with the nori punchers :D


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